17 October 2017

An Autumn Outfit // Zara + Oasis


Although I love dressing for summer weather with all the cute sandals, tee's + shorts, sometimes there's just nothing better than getting wrapped up in jumpers, boots + coats when Autumn rolls back around! There's always so many great options to choose from on the high street, so I thought I'd put together a post on some of the thing's I've been wearing pretty much non-stop the past few weeks.

13 October 2017

Lush Halloween Picks //


I've always loved Lush Halloween products, especially as they get released just when you start fancying having a warm bubble bath as the weather starts to get colder! This year is no different and I just had to treat myself to a few pieces, even if our bathroom is the least relaxing place to be at the moment as were in the process of getting it re-done!

11 October 2017

3INA Beauty Bits //


I've written a post on my love for pretty much everything I've tried from 3INA before here (their highlighter has become an every day staple of mine), so I was excited when I got sent a new package of goodies to try out with some of their recent product launches inside!

9 October 2017

Visiting Baddesley Clinton // National Trust


I feel like I've had the busiest couple of weeks, trying to organise my life and see friends & family, but sometimes it's nice just to have some time out and get back to nature a little bit. Dan and I have recently decided to become members of the National Trust (I know, I feel very grown up!) so whilst the weather was actually sunny for once, we thought we'd go exploring...

1 October 2017

Worth The Hype? // Fenty Beauty


Ok, I admit it, I got well and truly sucked in to buying a couple of products from the newly launched Fenty Beauty, Rihanna's make-up range ~ it all just looks so beautiful! ~ and I've been testing them both out over the last few days so I thought I'd add my thoughts into the sea of reviews out there already...

20 September 2017

Looking Forward To... // Autumn Edition


It's been ridiculously rainy these past few weeks in the UK and I've been feeling like all I want to do is hibernate and get cosy. Autumn is probably my favourite season and I'm excited to see the leaves change colour and to get all my warm jumpers out!

14 September 2017

Discovering Missguided //


Ok, so it's not like I'd never heard of the brand 'Missguided' before, it's just that I don't do too much online clothes shopping, and I'd never really even contemplated buying anything from them before now. I have to say I was so pleasantly surprised by their service and products (I don't know why I thought I wouldn't be ha!) that I thought I'd do a little blog post.

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