20 September 2017

Looking Forward To... // Autumn Edition


It's been ridiculously rainy these past few weeks in the UK and I've been feeling like all I want to do is hibernate and get cosy. Autumn is probably my favourite season and I'm excited to see the leaves change colour and to get all my warm jumpers out!

14 September 2017

Discovering Missguided //


Ok, so it's not like I'd never heard of the brand 'Missguided' before, it's just that I don't do too much online clothes shopping, and I'd never really even contemplated buying anything from them before now. I have to say I was so pleasantly surprised by their service and products (I don't know why I thought I wouldn't be ha!) that I thought I'd do a little blog post.

8 September 2017

Bathroom Bit's & Bobs //


I can't quite believe we've been putting off getting our bathroom done for over a year now! When we first moved in to our house we sort've prioritised all the other rooms with a hell of a lot of wallpaper stripping, painting and sanding going on, plus we pretty much spent the remainder of our money getting the kitchen done - ha! Fast forward a wee while and we've settled in and just lived with the bathroom, even if it has started to slowly break down on us (the toilet requires a fair bit of vigorous pumping in order to flush!). The end is finally in sight and we've started ordering everything ready for it to be fitted and of course I've been ordering all the accessories which I just had to show you!

29 August 2017

Organising My Childhood Photo's //


This has been the longest and most time consuming thing, but it's something I've been wanting to do for sooo long as I'm such a sentimental person, but at the same time I wanted everything to be organised and backed up too. I thought I'd write down my storage solutions and how I went about organising a hell of a lot of photo's, as well as my ideas for getting my faves framed and out for people to look at!

15 August 2017

Zoella Beauty // Jelly & Gelato


Every time there's a new launch from Zoella beauty or lifestyle I kind've want to get everythanggg. My bank balance kind've doesn't agree with me though (sadly!) so I just got three products that I know I'm going to get the most use out of as a little treat.

11 August 2017

Three New Lush Products //


So it feels like forever since I've written a Lush post, which is quite wierd for me being the self-confessed lush junkie and all! They've recently brought out quite a few nw products including some intriguing jelly masks (whattt?!) and I couldn't resist getting a few things to test out.

6 August 2017

Testing Out New Make-Up // 3INA


As your regular beauty junkie I'm always on the hunt for new brands and products to fall in love with (not that my bank balance likes it very much!). Recently the lovely people over at 3INA (pronounced mee-nah) sent me a few of their products to try and I think I've fallen slightly in love!

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