25 July 2017

Refreshing Summer Spirits //


I can't quite fathom why I never used to like gin. I think it might be because I'd always tried it with tonic, which is definitely something I think I'll always hate, but honestly, having gin in a cocktail is the most refreshing, summery drink!

20 July 2017

Exploring Greece // Rhodes Island


*Warning - this is a ridiculously picture heavy post!* Dan and I recently went on holiday abroad for the first time in two years - to say we were a little excited would be an understatement! We've been to Spain and Turkey quite a few times and wanted to go somewhere we hadn't really been before, so Greece it was...

17 July 2017

Holiday Essentials // Part 2: Beauty


Sorry this post is up a little later than I planned - I'm sitting down to write multiple posts today, trying to get myself motivated! This is the second part of my holiday essentials posts where I'm gonna be talking all thing summer skin and haircare related...

11 July 2017

Holiday Essentials // Part 1: Make-Up


I was actually planning on doing these posts before I went on holiday but I'm sorry to say I've been seriously slacking in the blog writing department (having two weeks off work and going to Greece can do that to you...), although at least now I can say which products I reached for the most whilst I was away! I'm gonna do a holiday post and tell you about my faveee parts of Rhodes too (I'm back on my blogging game haha!).

27 June 2017

New Summer Pieces // Holiday Edit


I can't believe I'm actually going on holiday today for the first time in two years - how exciting! We're off to Rhodes in Greece and I've been manically buying holiday bits and trying to get packed and organised. All of the summer sales are starting around about now and I've found quite a few bits that are perff for holidays (and all this good weather we've been having in the UK!).

25 June 2017

Getting Back Into Art //


When I was at school and college art was always by far my favourite subject and was something that didn't really feel like "school work" it was more of a creative, fun way to wind down and relaxxx. Then life sort've got in the way...

16 June 2017

Testing Out Face Masks //


First up, sorry for the little bit of a blog hiatus - I feel like I lost a bit of my blogging mojo for a while there, I've been super busy working, gardening and planning things for our bathroom and holiday - basically life got in the way! Anyways... I thought I'd share with you some face masks I've been loving recently and using to have a little bit of a pamper.

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