27 February 2014

A Romantic Trip To Paris...


I'm currently writing this from Paris! My boyfriend booked a surprise holiday for me for my 21st birthday, how romantic! It's amazing here, we arrived yesterday and we've done so much! Yesterday we travelled into Charles De Gaulle Airport, and arrived at our hotel next to the Eiffel Tower mid afternoon. We then walked to the Arc de Triomphe and down the Champs Elyees, stopping at Laduree for some macarons.

I couldn't resist buying the macarons in the box, although it worked out more expensive, it just looks so pretty! I chose from left to right, Marie Antoinette, apple, pistachio, lemon, orange blossom and rose flavours. They were all so delicious but I think my favourite was the apple. These were €15.80, so expensive!

Today went to the love lock bridge and put a padlock on, visited the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Luxembourgh Gardens. I also dragged my boyfriend around City Pharma, the cheapest French pharmacy. I bought loads of goodies there, but it was so busy in there, we could hardly move. We also visited the flagship Chanel store on Rue de Cambon, if only I could afford all the shoes and bags! Overall it was an amazing experience, but also very tiring - I'd recommend taking a comfy pair of shoes!
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