8 April 2014

A Paris Purchase // Diptyque Rosamundi Candle


After burning this candle regularly for around a month I thought it was time to review it. I'd been lusting over diptyque for so long, but with so many candles to choose from, I never got round to making a purchase. That was until I saw this particular candle - Rosamundi.

It literally couldn't be any more perfect for me, considering my name, the fact that I love rose scents and my love of pretty pink things! I love the packaging on this candle; when it's empty (and it's halfway there already) I plan to clean it out and use it as a make-up brush holder. It's a little bit different to the normal diptyque candles, which come in a clear glass jar with a white label, but i love the white glass and rose design, along with the pink (instead of white) wax. The box is equally as pretty, and what's more special is that I got this candle at 34 boulevard st germain, the flagship store which is on all diptyque labels, whilst in Paris with my boyfriend.

This comes in the size 190g and is said to burn for up to 60 hours. All I can say is that this smells amazing. It's a really fresh, subtle rose scent which is great if you hate ridiculously overpowering candles. I like to trim the wick between uses otherwise it tends to smoke a little, and I try to burn it until the top layer of wax has completely melted, so that it melts uniformly with each use. This is probably just me being a neat freak, but diptyque do recommend doing this at least upon first use - apparently it prolongs the life of the candle. It is a luxury product, but it's just so beautiful and a really lovely treat to remember my time in Paris. It is limited addition though, so if you like it don't miss out!
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