3 April 2014

Beauty Accessories // H&M Make-up Sponge + Tweezers


Just a quick review today on a couple of things I picked up whilst browsing in H&M. I was intrigued by the make-up sponge as I've been meaning to try the beauty blender for so long now and just look at how cute the pink tweezers are!

When I saw this sponge I thought it looked similar to the beauty blender (well they're both pink and spongy right?), and at £1.99 I couldn't say no. I tried this out for the first time today, using it slightly damp and squirting my foundation straight onto it. The finish was amazing, sooo much better and quicker than using a brush, my skin literally looked perfect! Some people may say it's an extra faff to dampen the sponge and wash it after using, but you can use this for all your cream face products. I went on to do my concealer, cream blusher and highlighter with this sponge and it really helped me blend the products into each other. I'm not sure how long this sponge is likely to last with regular washing and it has a slightly different shape compared to the beauty blender, but the positive experience I had using this makes me want to try the beauty blender in the future, even though its ridiculously expensive for a sponge!

I also got some tweezers which were £1.99 too. I'll admit it now, I bought them because they're pink! After using these though I would recommend them; they're easy to grip, easy to use and effective at getting those tiny annoying brow hairs out when they start to grow back. I believe you can buy both these items on H&M's website, or in store, and I'd also recommend checking out some of the other items in their cosmetics section, especially if you're on a budget.
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