20 April 2014

An Easter Treat // Lush Golden Egg Bathbomb/Melt


Happy Easter everyone! I celebrated by using this bath bomb-melt combo, in the form of a golden egg this morning. This was specially created for Easter by Lush and I couldn't resist - anything glittery has the power to call to me.

This smells so amazing; it really reminds me of another of my favourite Lush products, their 'honey I washed the kids' soap. It's very sweet smelling, as to be expected from anything honey-toffee scented, but it's not overpowering once dropped in the bath.

Its outer layer is a bath melt covered in gold glitter, which takes a while to dissolve, whilst the inside is a bath bomb, which fizzes up turning your bath water a summery yellow. Some people could be put off by the glitter overload, but once dissolved, the glitter was just a fine shimmer in the bath, hardly showing up on my skin once I got out. It contains orange oil, cocoa butter, bergamot oil and olive oil, which left my skin feeling really soft and smooth, with the scent staying on my skin. another point to make is that this doesn't leave glitter all over your bathtub; I just showered mine quickly once empty and all traces were gone. This is expensive considering the one time use, but I think it's perfect for an Easter treat. You can purchase in Lush stores or at their website for £3.50.
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