20 August 2014

Creamy Candy // Lush Bubble Bar


I think this was one of the first ever products I purchased from Lush, and I've bought it a fair few times since! This is definiteley the item I would buy on a whim as a little treat to myself if I was walking past Lush.

Creamy Candy is such a pretty pink, gorgeous smelling bar, with a little candy flower to top it off; how can I resist? It has a very sweet vanilla candy-floss smell and is best used crumbled under the tap whilst the bath's running. I usually break mine in two so I can get more than one use, as although it's one of the cheaper bubble bars it's still a treat to be savoured!

Another way I like to use it is straight onto the skin (if I do this I break the bar into four pieces); I crumble it slightly and rub it on, then rinse my skin afterwards. I find this to be really moisturising, thanks to the blend of almond and cocoa butter it contains, and this is a good way to get more for your money, although obviously you don't get the bubbles!

However, one downside to this bar is that it makes the water in the bath turn quite a murky grey-pink colour, and the bubbles don't have amazing lasting power. It does leave your skin smelling and feeling great though!
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