5 August 2014

Summer Skin // Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi Colour Powder


This is a bit of a late post as this powder has been out for quite a while, but i really wanted to blog about it, because it's just so darn beautiful! I have to confess, I may be a little biased due to a ridiculous obsession for all things Chanel, but it really does give glowing, subtly bronzed skin in a flash.

I loved the original Les Beiges Powder release and I own the lightest shade (10) for everyday powdering (you can see my post on this here). However, this newer release just screams summer, with the three stripes of colour in a light champagne highlight, a tan and a teracotta bronze colour. I have option No. 2, whereas No. 1 contains a blush shade and a lighter bronzing option. These are both limited edition, so if you like the look of this, I'd splurge now to avoid any Chanel based regret!

I think this is really useful for highlighting and contouring, as well as a light all over bronzer. It has a lot more shimmer than the original Les Beiges but still gives that gorgeous natural finish to the skin, allowing it to still look dewy without any caking (I hate the overly powdered look).
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