1 September 2014

Sun Screen for the Face // Avene + Eucerin - Factor 50


So I'm currently on holiday in Croatia and thought it would be a good time to test out a couple of sun cream testers that I've had hanging around! They're both factor 50 which is what I like to use for face rather than body.

The Eucerin one is very light - it's a sun creme gel and it easily and quickly sinks into the skin. I like the fact that it isn't as greasy as most sun creams; allowing make-up to goon easier over the top. It is said to give protection against sun allergy, which I think is pretty important when using it on your face - occasionally I get a heat rash, but I haven't whilst using this.

The Avene sunscreen is a lot heavier and comes out very white, although once rubbed in isn't very noticable. This is best when used quite sparingly as a little goes a long way! This is a good one if you're looking for something that will last a long time and has no chance of being washed off whilst in the pool or sea, just beware of the ghost face!

They both contain UVA and UVB protect and can be purchased online or in-store at boots, with Eucerin retailing for £19.00 for 150ml and the Avene coming in at £16.00 for 50ml. If I had to choose one I would go for the Eucerin as it works out cheaper in terms of how much product you get and is much more invisible on the skin.
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