18 January 2015

Love At First Sniff // Diptyque Baies Room Spray


I was a big fan of the diptyque Baies candle, which I reviewed here, so when my boyfriend got me this room spray for Christmas, it was most definitely love at first sniff. The smell is much the same as the candle, with red berries, blackcurrant leaves and roses all featuring.

The scent really lingers, even after just one or two sprays - I'd say the lasting power is probably even better than the candle. Room sprays are a good option if you don't want the risk of burning candles, and they're a much quicker way to get a room smelling fresh and clean.

This spray comes in the classic diptyque packaging and is a lovely big size (150ml) so I don't think I'll be running out any time soon! I think this is a beautiful, unique scent, both floral and warm at the same time. What's your favourite diptyque scent?
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