21 January 2015

Multi-purpose // YSL Kiss & Blush


It's currently feeling a little bit cold and dismal here in the UK, and with the threat of snow imminent, I felt I needed a little bit of a pick me up to help remind me that spring isn't too far away. This comes in the form of the Yves Saint Laurent kiss and blush in the shade Pink Hedoniste (8), a perfect pop of pink to get out of the winter blues.

This is a multi-use product, perfect for on the go when you don't want to carry a million and one products (or for doing make-up on the train, something I have to do all too frequently!). The packaging is stunning (obviously - it's YSL after all), although I'm not sure how effective it'll be when you start getting to the bottom. It has a screw off top, with a foam applicator. I find this to give a good precise application, although it may start to get a little unhygienic, using it for both face and lips.

I love this because it actually performs, working great as both a blush and a lip-product, unlike most multi-use products I've tried in the past. I find this to have a very unique texture, creamier than a cream blush, but not too liquid. It gives a subtle glow to the cheecks, with a lovely natural finish as there is no shimmer present. On the lips it seems to go on a little more matte, but I find it to still be relatively moisturising and long-lasting. I usually just prep with a little balm before applying. I think matching your blusher to your lips can look really gorgeous if applied naturally, and with this beautiful light pink shade you can't really go wrong!
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