18 April 2015

A Hangover Cure For Your Skin // Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask + Express Flower Gel


So I'm off out tonight for what will probably turn into quite a few drinks, leading to me feeling slightly worse for wear tomorrow! This is where these two masks come in: helping me look far better on the outside than I feel on the inside.

I like to use these two in conjunction with one another, using the Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask first. This one is a light cleansing mask which contains red clay and plant extracts and helps leave your face looking fresh and radiant. It isn't at all drying on the skin, which is something I hate about most cleansing masks, and it just perks up your skin getting rid of that dull grey skin a hangover can leave you with. The instructions say to leave this on for only 3-5 minutes, however I've had no problems leaving it on for over 20 minutes - it is pricey, so you may as well get your moneys worth!

After washing off the first mask I like to go straight in with the second - the Sisley Express Flower Gel. This has a very light cream-gel texture and feels very cooling upon application. This is more of a moisture mask and although Sisley says it works in 3 minutes flat I like to leave it on for several hours or even overnight. I find that it plumps up the skin and leaves it feeling moisturised - an essential after a heavy night of drinking. It is a little tacky though so definitely not something I could wear under make-up although I know some people say it can be used as a regular moisturiser.
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