9 April 2015

A Lush Trio // Amandopondo Bubble Bar, Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb + Bubblegum Lip Scrub


I think I'm a little bit Lush obsessed at the moment… although I didn't have to pay for these goodies myself (thank you lovely boyfriend!). I've written about my love for the gorgeous lemony Amandopondo Bubble Bar before on the blog - you can find that post here, however the other two are new additions to my collection.

Tisty Tosty (the heart shaped one) is a bath bomb which actually smells very similar to Amandopondo. According to Lush it's based on a medieval love potion, so it's pretty cute that my boyfriend chose this for me. It contains little rosebuds which float in the bath after it fizzes away - so pretty! It smells of lemon and rose and contains geranium oil, rose oil and lemon oil, making it pretty moisturising to boot. This is definitely one of Lush's more subtle products - perfect for anyone who doesn't want anything too overpowering and sickly sweet.

I also got the lovely pink Bubblegum lip scrub which I have actually been meaning to try ever since falling in love with their Popcorn lip scrub which I reviewed here. It smells very sweet although I think if I had to choose I'd say I slightly preferred the popcorn scent, however this one definitely tastes better! I also love that it's such a vibrant pink colour - I think this one feels more suited to the spring weather we've been having recently. It contains organic Jojoba (I can never pronounce this?!) oil, which leaves my lips feeling soo smooth and ready for a spring pink lip shade. Overall…I think my boyfriend did good with his little venture into Lush haha!
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