9 May 2015

A Beauty Bargain // Original Astral Cream


This is a rather surprising new beauty favourite for me - the classic Astral Cream Face and Body Moisturiser - it may be cheap and cheerful but it gets the job done extremely well!

I was really intrigued to try this - a couple of friends have recommended it to me and use it religiously and they both have very good skin. It's very creamy and quite thick making it great for people who's skin falls on the dryer side of things. I love the smell of this too - it's light, floral and fresh - it reminds me of soap a little bit ha! It can be used on both face and body, as well  as a make-up remover. I love that you don't have to feel guilty for using a big dollop of this like you do with some moisturisers and it really works. I like to slather it on at night and let it sink in and use a little in the morning on my face - it can make your face a little shiny if you use too much with make-up.

I think this is a cream which is perfect for all skin types - a real fuss free product that leaves your skin smooth and soft and without the hefty price tag - it's now in a tie up as my favourite facial moisturiser along with Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre - reviewed here. Have you ever tried Astral cream?
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