15 May 2015

They've Done It Again // Free L'Occitane En Provence Mini Gift Set


I'm so excited I found out about this amazing offer from L'Occitane! Just follow this link and fill out your details, choose the L'Occitane store you want to pick your gift up from (it has to be a stand-alone store) and go get it! It's so simple and completely free. It all comes beautifully packaged in a little yellow box which contains a 25g Verbena leaf soap, a 30ml Verbena shower gel, a 30ml Verbena body lotion, a 10ml Shea Butter foot cream and a 10ml Cherry Blossom hand cream.

The smell of the Verbena is lovely - it's very fresh, herbal and lemony. I'm a bit of a sucker for anything with a citrusy smell so these products really float my boat. The Shea butter foot cream is also gorgeous - it's very thick and creamy yet sinks into the skin quickly. I like to really slather it on, putting a pair of socks over the top before heading to bed - you wake up with ridiculously soft feet! The Cherry Blossom hand cream is actually an old favourite of mine anyway so it's really cute having a miniature one to carry around in addition to my battered (and almost empty) full size tube. Also included in the box is a voucher for £10 off when you spend £25 (very tempting but I'm trying to be good at the moment) and a little piece of purple paper shaped like a flower pot which you can soak and grow your own lavender from - such a cute idea! What do you think of this great offer?
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