24 May 2015

Time For A Detox // Roques O'neil Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts


After having a pretty heavy couple of nights this weekend I'm feeling really glad to be home and running a bath with these gorgeous Roques O'neil Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts dissolved in. You simply sprinkle a small handful in the bath and within a few minutes they dissolve, leaving a calming herbal smell behind. I was really curious about these and the calming effects advertised and I have to say I'm not disappointed.

Therapie says: "these aromatherapeutic bath salts are suspended in a base of Himalayan pink salt, containing over 84 minerals, dusted with Amethyst powder and infused with essential oils. These combine to create a potent trinity that helps your body to rebalance and release toxins on all levels whist restoring a sense of inner serenity"- sounds pretty good doesn't it?

I have to say I'm not too sure of the part about all toxins being been released, but they certainly work a treat for getting rid of the aching body that comes with drinking too much and dancing until the early hours! They're also great at helping you sleep - just have a soak in a bath with these in right before bed and I'm pretty certain you'll drift off in no time. They are expensive so I think I'll try some similar alternatives before repurchasing, but for a bath time treat I think they're great - what do you think of this concept?
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