1 June 2015

Cleansing & Softening // Lush Honey Bee Bath Bomb


When I'm feeling a little stressed there's nothing better than a relaxing and calming bath to recharge yourself and feel more motivated again - especially during exam period! This Lush Honey Bee Bath Bomb is perfect for when you want a lovely long soak (my preference is to watch TV whilst I'm in there, so it can get pretty long!).

It smells amazing; a very sweet strong honey smell - you have been warned though, as I think the smell might not be for everyone! The bomb contains Rhassoul mud which is cleansing and softening on the skin (that's the brown parts of the bomb), as well as honey (obviously), aloe vera gel and sweet wild orange oil. These ingredients provide the perfect combination to soothe sensitive skin, having an antiseptic effect that works a treat on shaving rash or mild sunburn.

As soon as it started bubbling away in the bath, I could feel it getting to work, making my skin feel super smooth and soft. Some of the mud takes a while longer to dissolve so you could use this to give yourself a bit of extra exfoliation - bonus! It leaves the bath water a vibrant sunny yellow colour, however it does leave a yellow water line which needs a little bit of elbow grease to get rid of…Overall, I really love this, I just wish it would last a little longer as for the price you only get one use. The scent is definitely one of my all time Lush favourites - this needs to get put in more products! What do you think of Lush's bath bombs - do you have a favourite?
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