22 June 2015

Fresh Feet // Lush Stepping Stone Foot Scrub Bar


This isn't really the typical product I get attracted to when I first waltz through the doorway into Lush, it's just something that doesn't jump out of me, yet now I have it I'm wondering how I never noticed it before!

The Stepping Stone Foot Scrub Bar is a really citrusy fresh smelling green bar moulded into the shape of a really cute baby footprint. It fizzes up upon contact with water, so I'd recommend simply breaking or cutting a bit off before using it as if you get the whole bar wet it would be a bit of a waste.

Once wet you just use it to scrub away any stubborn areas of hard skin on your feet - it contains pumice powder to help the exfoliation process, as well as lemongrass oil for it's antiseptic and deoderising properties. The lemon and lime scent really seem to do wonders for freshening up my poor tired feet after a long day at work or trailing around the shops! The bar also contains cocoa butter and jojoba oil to help moisturise and I have to say my feet really do feel super soft afterwards. I like to really amp up the moisture factor after doing this scrub by applying a really thick moisturiser before putting on a pair of socks overnight. This is definitely my new secret to summer ready feet in a short amount of time!
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