16 June 2015

Japanese Inspiration // Lush Sakura Bath Bomb


After years of using many a Lush Bubble Bar, the humble bath bomb is making a re-appearance in my tub. Yes they do get used up a tad quicker, but how can I resist when they all smell so good? I was looking for something a bit more fresh and citrussy compared to what I usually go for (sweet and floral) and the Sakura Bath Bomb fits the bill perfectly!

It's inspired by Japanese cherry blossom and contains lemon, orange, jasmine and mimosa oils. To me it smells really fresh and light with the scent lingering in the bath after it's dissolved, however I didn't find it too apparent on the skin. The ballistic contains sea salt in the form of the turquoise crystals you can see on the top, aswell as being tucked inside which help soften and exfoliate your skin. It's very pretty to look at, with speckles of flouresecent pink and turquoise - this colour doesn't translate to the water though, which isn't necessarily a bad thing depending on which way you look at things! This left me feeling really refreshed and clean upon leaving the bath, with soft hydrated skin - perfect for those that want a light citrus fragrance and a calming experience!
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