21 June 2015

Skin Recovery // Healgel Intensive


I sort've have a love hate relationship with this stuff! Healgel Intensive is a soothing and repairing gel which can be used anywhere on both the face and body. I like to use it on my face to make any spots or dryness heal faster, but it can also be used on burns, scars and stretch marks.

My one massive bugbear with this product is that I seem to go through it pretty fast, and it works too well for me not to re-purchase! I'm very nearly at the end of my second bottle and I have no doubt a third will be bought before it runs out. I do use it a lot more sparingly now - half a pump morning and evening, which is just enough to cover the areas of skin on my face which really need some healing and protection, rather than using it all over.

The smell is slightly herbal, however it doesn't linger too much on the skin. The gel itself has a very light texture, allowing it to absorb into the skin quickly without feeling at all oily or layered on. I'd say you have to use this product on a regular basis to really notice the results - consistency is definitely key! It's also really great for any irritation or redness you may have, such as sunburn or eczema, as the gel has a slight cooling effect for more short term relief. This is one of those products that really does work - I just wish it came in a bigger size!
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