12 August 2015

Glamorous Hair // Oribe, Sacha Juan + Living Proof


I have quite fine blonde highlighted hair which sometimes needs a little TLC to help get it back in prime condition! When I feel it needs to look extra silky and glamorous these are the three products I like to reach for.

First up I use the Sacha Juan Hair Repair, which is a hair treatment for use on freshly washed hair. You simply apply it to your hair after shampooing and conditioning and leave it on for around ten minutes (I'd recommend doing this in the bath for easiest application). You then wash it off as you would a conditioner and voila your hair is super smooth and shiny! I absolutely love this product - it smells so fresh and really works wonders on smoothing any frizz or split ends and helping repair heat damage. I like to use this around once a week as an extra treat!

Next up is the Living Proof Prime Style Extender which is a really unique product. Similar to face primers it helps other products adhere to your hair better and helps lock in whatever style you decide to choose for longer, helping to shield your hair against any dirt or oil and protect against the elements. This is perfect for a night out when you want your straight/curly style to really last without dropping out or getting ruined in the rain! It sounds super weird but I promise it really does work and I definitely wouldn't be without it.

Last but not least is the cult favourite Oribe Dry Texturising Spray a fixing hairspray which gives a gorgeous texture to your hair all whilst banishing any grease in the same way a dry shampoo would. This is a really great multi-purpose product, however it is ridiculously expensive - I need to find something similar but a hell of a lot cheaper haha! I like to use this spray when I've finished styling my hair to give it a good hold and inject a little extra volume - I do try to save it for special occasions and nights out only though! Please let me know what products you like to use to get extra glamorous hair - I'd love some recommendations!
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