8 July 2015

Summer Citrus // Lush Brightside Bubble Bar


I don't know quite how I've never tried this before. I'm a real Lush addict (as you probably know if you've ever read my blog before!) but somehow this little beauty has passed me by before now. I sort've picked it up on a whim whilst wondering aimlessly round my local Lush (an all too regular occurrence) and once I'd smelt it I couldn't put it back down.

The Brightside Bubble Bar has a lovely strong, fresh, citrusy smell which really reminds me of summer and being on holiday. It's a really massive bar, almost twice the size of a lot of the others Lush does (a similar size and design to The Comforter - reviewed here), which means it's great for using on lots of separate occasions to really get your moneys worth.

It contains Sicilian mandarin, bergamot and tangerine essential oils to help your skin feel super soft and smelling zesty, whilst the summery yellow and orange colours merge into one leaving your bathwater a deep orange colour. I was a little worried about the colour staining the bathtub, but I didn't have any problems when I used around quarter of the bar (If you used the whole bar in one go it could potentially be an issue however!). I think this bubble bar is perfect for this time of year; it definitely helped get me in a summery mood with the citrussy smell lingering on my skin for hours after use! Have you ever tried this bubble bar?
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