30 September 2015

Zoella Beauty // Body Scrub + Bath Soak/ Shower Cream


I've been meaning to write a post on these two Zoella Beauty products for such a long time - I've been using them for quite a while and they're such a good combo! As any of you who regularly read my blog will know, I'm a total sucker for buying cute bath time treats and when I saw these in Superdrug I just loved everything about them.

29 September 2015

L'Occitane Treats // Verbena Soap + Eau De Toilette


My mom and I both really love everything about the L'Occitane Verbena range and when I saw how cute the mini perfume looked I just had to get it for her along with a re-purchase of the best soap going!

28 September 2015

The Perfect No-Fuss Drugstore Base // Real Techniques, Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation + Concealer


Now I'm a little bit of a foundation junkie so when I saw that boots was doing any two Rimmel items for £10 I couldn't resist picking up this matching foundation and concealer duo. I initially just needed a new concealer (they didn't have my shade in my holy grail 17 stay time concealer waa!) but boy am I glad I picked up both as they just work so well together.

27 September 2015

A Sunday Pamper // Lush Fizzbanger + Popcorn Lip Scrub, Aesop Body Balm + REN


Don't you just love the feeling you get when you've spent a whole day being really organised and then get to relax with everything done? I'm feeling like that today and I've just had a Sunday pamper session before roast dinner, yaay! I've tried all four of these products before but I've never put them in a blog post bofore, so I thought I'd do just that and create a little round up for you today.

24 September 2015

Yves Saint Laurent Treats // Touche Eclat + Full Metal Eyeshadow


I'd been saving up my boots points for quite some time when I got chatting with the lady on the YSL counter (she was a very good sales person!). A few swatches later and I found myself walking away with some new items in tow and significantly less boots points than I started out with.

22 September 2015

Nude Lip Treats // MAC Lipsticks - Brave + Peach Blossom


Can you believe I've never owned a MAC lipstick before the purchase of these two? Me either (what a rubbish beauty blogger eh?). I had to set the record straight and I decided I was going to do so with two easy to wear, super flattering nudes. Now I know they look super similar on my photo but I promise they're completely different when you see and swatch them in person.

7 September 2015

Lush Oxford Street Goodies // Intergalactic, Rub Rub Rub + Oil On Troubled Water


So I finally got to go to Lush Oxford Street and it was just as magical an experience as I'd hoped it would be! I picked up lots of beautiful goodies, some exclusive to the store and others newly released everywhere (yaaaaay!). I'll be blogging about the bits I got over a couple of posts but thought I'd share my views on these three blue beauties which were popped in my bath just the other day.

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