22 November 2015

A Lush Trio Of Pink // The Comforter, Rose Jam + Snow Fairy


As you may have noticed by now, I'm a little bit of a Lush fan at heart, so I get really excited at this time of year for all the amazing products that make up the mahoosive Christmas range they bring out! I'm going to talk a lot more about some of my favourite christmassy choices (be prepared for a ton of  talking about bath bombs) in another blog post, but I couldn't resist showing you a couple of cult classic shower gel favourites as well as a rather lovely gift.

Rose Jam shower gel is probably one of my favourite things ever - that's just how good it is! The scent itself is one of my favourite Lush scents and I've tried or own almost everything you can think of that smells like this. It's sad that this is a christmas exclusive - why not just make it all year round Lush? (why is there not a petition for this haha!) Now I know some people will think that they don't like rose scents (trust me I though I didn't too) but this is just such an amazing smell and not a whiff of old lady in sight. It contains vanilla and argan oil as well as turkish rose oil which all combine to give this one of the best smells ever.

Snow Fairy is a super sweet candy-floss scented shower gel (it's also pink and glittery - could it get any more girly!), which is also a christmas exclusive that Lush have been bringing out each year for as long as I can remember. Loads of people go crazy for the scent of this and whilst it's up there in my favourites I do have to be in the right mood for this as it can be very sweet! What I do love though is how soft it leaves my skin and how the strong scent lingers in a really subtle way after I've used it in the shower. The packaging of this one is just so cute as well - it's super girly and pink which I personally really love, and is just that little bit different from a regular Lush shower gel.

Last but not least is The Comforter shower cream which I was very kindly gifted. I couldn't have got it at a better time as I just ran out of my last bottle and I don't think I could go without this scent for very long! It's such a gorgeous blackcurrant and bergamot scented shower cream with a subtle shimmer running through it. One thing I love about all of Lush's shower gels is that you can also use them to wash your hair with, which I have to say is something I do quite a lot with this one as it makes my hair smell soo good. What are your favourite shower gels?
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