9 November 2015

New In At Lush // Big Bang Bubble Bar + Razzle Dazzle Bath Oil


The temptation is too great in Lush at the moment - they seem to have new goodies in store every day! I saw both of these beauties at the Oxford Street Store but for some reason I didn't get either of them at the time so I'm really glad they've been introduced in all of the Lush stores.

Big Bang Bubble Bar is a gorgeous citrusy scented bubble bar with a surprise mini double-star shaped bath melt on the top (what a cute idea!). I absolutely love the smell of this one and it's space themed look and name. It didn't make masses of bubbles but it more than makes up for that by leaving the water a beautiful glittery sky blue colour - it's definitely very fresh and uplifting to soak in. It contains grapefruit and tangerine oil (two of my absolute favourite scents) as well as moisturising avocado and cocoa butter. The scent of this one is very strong and really lingers on the skin - something that always draws me back to a bubble bar!

I paired Big Bang with Razzle Dazzle Bath Oil for todays bath (a perfect combo for super moisturised skin!). Razzle Dazzle is a super glittery, bright pink ball of goodness full of moisturising shea and cocoa butter. You just drop it into the bath and it melts away, dispersing blobs of raspberry & lime scented pink oil all over the surface of the bath. I love how smooth my skin feels after using one of these bath oils and I'm so happy that Lush has brought these out in every store! Are you excited for any of Lush's newest products?
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