22 December 2015

Christmas Yankee Candles // Winter Glow + Cosy By The Fire


I can't believe it's only three days until Christmas - this past month has just gone too quick! Something I've been really loving is burning lots of Christmassy scented candles to get me into the spirit of things, with some of my favourites coming in the form of the ever popular Yankee Candle.

I'd never really tried many Yankee Candles before and sometimes it's hard to get a feel for the true scent until it's burning, so I really loved the idea of these little sampler sizes which are about three times the size of a tea-light and burn for around 15 hours each. Cranberry Ice is a very fruity fresh scent which isn't something that I'd immediately associate with Christmas although it is a lovely scent. Christmas Garland is another fresh scent which is a mix of pine and cranberry - to me it smells just like a christmas tree - the only negative is I'm not a big fan of the green colour!

Winter Glow is probably the most subtle of the bunch - to me it evokes the scent of fresh snow on a crisp winter morning with warming amber undertones - it's understated but in a good way! Cosy By The Fire however has to be my favourite out of the four I chose - it's a really lovely warm woody scent with a mix of ginger, clove and orange. I can really smell the orange coming through in this one (one of my favourite scents) and (as the name suggests) it really reminds me of nights curled up by the fire with a hot drink and a Christmas film on the TV.

Another little tip is to light a few of these at the same time to layer up the different scents - I've been so impressed with the quality and strength of each of these scents that I can't wait to try some others in the huge range Yankee Candle offers! What's your favourite Yankee Candle scent?
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