19 December 2015

My Lush Christmas Picks...


I've been meaning to write about all the bits I got from Lush's Christmas range for quite a while, but with less than a week to go until Christmas day itself I thought this was the perfect time, especially for any of you last minute gift buyers! I always love Lush's limited edition collections and none is more exciting than their vast array of Christmas goodies.

I got some old favourites which get brought out every year and some exciting new additions (fingers crossed they'll return next year!). First up I just had to get some Gold Fun which is a product like nothing I've never seen before. It has a squidgy play-do like texture and can be used as a soap, shampoo and bubble bath - talk about versatile... The smell is amazing - it's exactly like the Honey I Washed The Kids soap - think super sweet honey and caramel, all rolled into a golden shimmery bar - how Christmassy!

I also got a Snow Angel bath melt which is packed full of golden glitter on it's underside as well as loads of moisturising cocoa butter. This made for a really relaxing bath as it melted slowly away and left my skin feeling super soft. The only thing I would say with this is either wash your hair first or give it a rinse afterwards as it left my hair a little greasy after I got out. On the plus side though - it smells of Marzipan!

Now Snow Fairy is one of my all time favourite scents from Lush and just reminds me of Christmas, so guess what? I got three products which all share this amazing sweet candy scent! Now it wouldn't really be Christmas for me without the classic shower gel which I wrote about here, along with another of my favourite limited edition shower gels - Rose Jam. I then got Candy Mountain bubble bar which is a lovely festive edition of my all time favourite Creamy Candy bubble bar - with added glitter! I wrote a review last year on this one and I'm so happy it's back again this year. Something I'd never tried before was the Father Christmas bath bomb - I never realised before but it shares the Snow Fairy scent - once he's in the tub his little face starts frothing and his outer coating comes off to reveal a green inside - not something I was expecting, but very festive none the-less!

Another favourite of mine is definitely Butter Bear bath bomb - it's such a simple beautiful vanilla-cocoa smelling bath bomb in the shape of the cutest little polar bear. I love that this is one of the cheapest bath bombs that Lush do (perfect for a stocking filler!) and is definitely one I like to stock up on. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and is full of gorgeous nuggets of softening cocoa butter which melt into the bath and form a layer of moisture on your skin. Luckily you ca get this all year round in the form of the classic butterball - even if it is slightly more expensive and less of a cute shape!

Last but certainly not least I just had to get The Magic Of Christmas bubble wand - this just looks the epitome of Christmas complete with the star anise, cloves, cinnamon stick and of course the red ribbon and bell! It smells just like the bath bomb Cinders which I always love at Christmas - it's hard to describe the smell - it's basically Christmas spices with a hint of orange. This is definitely what I'll be using on Christmas morning to start my day off in the most perfect festive way and I really hope that Lush brings this back every year! What are your favourite things to get from Lush at Christmas?
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