30 December 2016

7 Thoughts For 2017 //


Lets be honest, it feels like 2016 was a pretty crappy year in some aspects - I don't really want to remind you too much or get too political, as this is supposed to be a motivational, uplifting post, but let's just say that George Michael passing away on Christmas Day was the icing on the mountainous cake of horrible news stories we've heard this year.

23 December 2016

The Most Festive Hot Chocolate //


Now don't get me wrong, I love your average hot chocolate as much as the next person (ok probsss slightly more!) but there's just something so indulgent about making it really festive and over the top + possibly with some alcohol slipped in for good measure!

21 December 2016

Christmas Home Decor //


I think Christmas is one of the things I've been most excited about since we moved into our house. I've always loved decorating back when I lived with my parents, but there's just something so exciting about having your own place to spruce up and getting to choose all of your own decorations!

20 December 2016

Orange Iced Star Biscuits //


Can you believe it's less than a week to go until Christmas?! The time has literally flown by, so I though I'd better share this recipe with you pretty darn quick, otherwise before I know it Christmas will be over! I made a batch of these biscuits the other day and they went down a treat with the famo - I'm determined to make another batch on Christmas eve so I can proudly present them to everyone on Christmas day haha!

14 December 2016

Let's Get Christmassy // Drying Oranges


Now I know this is a bit of a strange and completely random post but don't you just think there's something so Christmassy about dried oranges! I always see them being sold alongside cinnamon sticks and pine cones but they're really expensive so I thought what the heck - why don't I just make my own.

10 December 2016

Winter Treats // Mini Christmas Puddings


Now that our kitchen is well on the way to being finished I just had to get in there and make some Christmassy treats! This is the time of year where healthy food sort've goes out the window and you just want comforting indulgent food to see you through to the new year, and these mini Christmas pudding treats are exactly that!

2 December 2016

Lush Christmas // A Couple Of Bath Bomb Faves


It's December the 2nd and it's starting to feel very festive round here! I absolutely love Lush at Christmas (and the rest of the year haha!), there's just so much to choose from and so many amazingly creative products to choose from! I've tried pretty much every bath bomb going and these two are the one's I think I'll always love.

28 November 2016

Kitchen Bits & Bobs //


I'm so excited that our kitchen is finally all coming together! It feels like a good few months since we went into the kitchen shop and decided on what we wanted but I'm pleased to report that it's all coming together (although I'm still waiting on a SMEG fridge!). I've slowly been purchasing a few bits and bobs that I can dot round to finish things off. Here's what I got...

17 November 2016

Primark Purchases //


Primark just seems to be getting better and better - they have so many great things in store right now and for amazing value! As you may know I love anything copper and they have soo much to offer at the moment so I splashed out on a few bits!

10 November 2016

Garlic Chicken Sesame Stir Fry //


Now I know it's coming up to Christmas and I will most definitely be eating more than my fair share of mince pies, chocolate and all things unhealthy butttt as it's still November I feel like I should be a bit healthy whilst there's still time - ha! I made this super quick and easy garlic chicken stir fry the other day soo I thought I'd share how I made it as it feels like forever since I wrote a food related post.

4 November 2016

Easy To Wear Berry Lips //


Now I know I'm a few days late for Halloween but you can wear vampy lips all Autumn/ Winter long right? I used to be a bit of a wimp when it came to rocking darker lips but these five products are pretty foolproof and allow you to be as bold and daring as you like!

28 October 2016

An Autumn Adventure // Pumpkin Picking


Autumn is definitely my favourite season, but this year it feels like Halloween and the end of October has come around so so fast and I haven't had time to fully prepare! Dan and I actually had a morning free together for once, so instead of just working on the house like we usually do on days off, we decided to actually go out and do something fun for Halloween!

21 October 2016

Making Time To Take A Break //


Sometimes life gets a bit too hectic and there's just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. I'm feeling this like crazy at the moment, and trying to find time to blog and take good photos on top of working two jobs, having some sort of social life aaand doing an absolute mountain of DIY on our new house is proving to be a rather difficult juggling act!

10 October 2016

High End VS High Street // Two Fave Mascaras


I have to admit I can sometimes be a bit of a beauty snob, but I do like high street // drugstore products too, so I thought I'd do a breakdown of two mascara's that I love but that are at veeey different price points!

5 October 2016

A Day On The Canal //


We're really lucky that we live in such a good location - we get the best of both worlds, being close to the city but also equally close to some amazing countryside. My parents recently won a little mini break on a canal barge really nearby to where we live, so Dan and I decided to tag along for the day, alongside my Aunt and Uncle and just have a really chilled one with lots of food, drink and laughter involved!

28 September 2016

Lush Autumn + Halloween // My Picks


Around this time of year I always get sooo excited for the Lush Halloween and Christmas collections. This year was definitely no different, so on the first day everything Halloweeny was released I duly trotted off to my local Lush store dragging Dan in tow. This year Lush have got an amazing choice of new products as well as some old favourites!

16 September 2016

NYX // Face + Body Glitters


I've been wanting to do a really glittery copper eye make-up look for quite a while, especially since Autumn is rolling around aaand it would be perfect for adding some glitter to a Halloween make-up look! I've been keeping an eye out for quite a while but there aren't that many REALLY glittery products out there on the high-street - surprising!? I thought I was going to have to wait and get something from MAC (I don't live particularly near a MAC store - boo.) until I saw these Face + Body glitters from NYX!

13 September 2016

Hair Care Saviours // Bumble + Bumble Invisible Oil


Bumble and Bumble is a brand that I've been pretty obsessed with over the last few years - literally every product I own from them is a dream to use! My two absolute staples that I use almost every day are both part of the Invisible Oil range - I have them in the mini's and the full size companions - that's devotion right there eh?

9 September 2016

The Cupboard Under The Stairs //


As this is the only part of our house that is anywhere near being in any fit state to take a photo of, I though I'd do a little round up of a few cute homeware pieces I've purchased and tell you where I got this gorgeeee cupboard from!

6 September 2016

Looking Forward To... // Autumn Edition


I'm definitely not a blogger that can keep up with doing a monthly favourites (oops!), so I thought that instead I'd just do a seasonal round up of all the things I'm looking forward to - that way it's only a four times a year commitment haha!

4 September 2016

Lush Treats // Bath Oils + Shower Jelly


I feel like it's been quite a while since I wrote a Lush post (although I'm sure that will change very soon with the upcoming Halloween and Christmas collections!) so I thought I'd mention two of my faveee products to use in the shower when I need to feel fresh and awake (not warm, cosy and ready for bed), as well as some exclusive bath oils from the Oxford Street store.

31 August 2016

The Earring Edit // Mix + Match


I've been really loving simple but standout earrings, and there's just so many good high street shops selling amazing pieces at the moment! I wanted to share a few of the places I love to look for some unique and interesting finds, that won't break the bank.

26 August 2016

White Company Candles // Orange Grove + Symons St.


Although were still clinging onto some hot sunny days, I'm starting to get a little excited for Autumn - wearing cosy clothes, running warm baths, Lush's Halloween/ Christmas ranges aaand of course lighting more candles! As we've very recently moved into our new house I thought I'd treat us to a couple of gorgeous smelling White Company Candles (to get rid of the smell of paint!).

21 August 2016

Harry Potter // Warner Bros. Studio Tour


I was thinking about what to get my sister for her 21st birthday for absolutely ageeees and finally decided to take her to the Harry Potter Studios for the day. I'm really glad that I did as we're both massive Harry Potter fans and it was a really fun day that made me want to re-watch all the Harry Potter films and re-read all the books as soon as I got home!

15 August 2016

The Cult Drugstore Mascara // Maybelline Lash Sensational


I've been testing out this mascara for quite a while and I've really been rating it! It's everything I look for in a mascara - it's long lasting, it doesn't budge once it's dry and it creates lovely long fluttery lashes without looking clumpy.

6 August 2016

A Barbecue In The Sun


What with all the madness of decorating and moving in to our new house I feel like there's not been much time to relax of an evening, but the other night at my parents place, when the weather was lushh I just had to get the barbecue out!

2 August 2016

Moving Out // A Few Tips


Today's the day I'm finally moving out and getting my own place with Dan - It's kindv'e exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. It feels like it's been a really long time coming and I can't wait to get in and get sorted - we have a lot of decorating to do! There are quite a few things I've learnt along the way when it comes to buying a property so I though I'd share a few things I wish I'd known a little earlier and could've told myself.

29 July 2016

Hair DIY // Bleach London


I'm really trying to save money at the moment and one of the most ridiculously expensive things is getting your hair cut and coloured. I've tried home dye jobs before now but nothing's really worked that well for me - up until now that is!

26 July 2016

Kitchen Planning // Pinterest


Who isn't on Pinterest these days? It's the perfect place to find inspiration on anything and everything and as Dan and I are moving in together very soon (fingers crossed!) I've been spending quite a bit of time perusing the pages for interior ideas. Our kitchen is one of the first things I want to change as it's pretty horrible right now, (think ridiculously retro, complete with serving hatch and khaki green cupboards and you get the idea...) so I thought I'd share a few swoon worthy kitchens that I want to try and aspire to.

22 July 2016

Marie Claire Magazine Freebie // Benefit Ready, Set, Brow!


Benefit was one of the first brands that really got me into beauty - mostly down to their amazing magazine freebies (those were the days of relying on pocket money for my beauty fix!), and now, quite a few years later their magazine gifts are still just as good!

19 July 2016

My Perfume Collection


I know there are some people out there who have that one signature perfume that they always go for, but that person is most definitely not me. I'm a bit of a fragrance floozie if I'm honest and I love having lots to choose from depending on my outfit, mood, the season, the occasion etc.

15 July 2016

Healthy Breakfast Time // Smoothie Bowl


I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the healthiest person in the world - what can I say Pizza gets the better of me! Saying this, I really love the idea of smoothie bowls; they look super pretty, are really easy to make aaand they're ridiculously healthy. I just made this out of fruit and ingredients I had in the cupboards but I definitely want to try out a few variations and toppings in the future!

12 July 2016

Summer Nails // The Best Holiday Shades


Now I know that when it comes to summer shades most people are all about the red's and oranges, but to me they feel like more of an Autumn thing, so I'm digging all the bronze-golds and turquoise shades instead. I've acquired quite a few lovely shades that I keep reaching for at the moment so here's my round up for ya!

8 July 2016

Elderflower Cocktails // St. Germain


When it gets to this time of year I'm all about the cocktails - mmmmmm. I prefer sweeter ones on the whole but this recipe is really light, crisp and refreshing and it includes my new favourite spirit - St. Germain, which is a gorgeous elderflower liquor - it's perfect for cooling down on a hot summers day.

5 July 2016

Kylie Jenner Lip Kits // Posie K + Heir


If you have an Instagram account and you're even the slightest bit interest in make-up there is a 100% chance you will have heard all about the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits. If not - where have you been living? I've been itching to try something from the range for ageees now and I finally bit the bullet and allowed myself to get one matte liquid lipstick and one metal matte lip shade and I have to say - they're worth the hype.

28 June 2016

Get Your Glow On // Summer Shimmer


There are just some beauty products that I feel epitomise sun, summer and holidays and these five certainly do it for me! I thought I'd do a little round up of my favourite products to use to enhance a tan and add shimmer and moisture to your skin - even though I'm not going on holiday this year :(

20 June 2016

Lush Life // New Bits & Bobs


When I went to Bath recently I had a little splurge in the Lush store whilst we were waiting for our spa treatments. I got a real mix of products - some old favourites and a coupla new bits that I've never tried before!

10 June 2016

A Trip To Bath // Lush Spa Visit


It's literally always been on my wish list to visit a Lush Spa and get a treatment and my boyfriend, being as lovely as he is, got us some vouchers (he chose The Good Hour and I chose The Comforter). We booked in to at the one in Bath so that we could visit a new place at the same time and do a little bit of shopping to boot!

7 June 2016

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream // 13 Sydney


I went into my local Boots the other day and guess what? They've only gone and got a massive NYX counter!!! Eeeeee exciting times! It was super busy and the counter was ridiculously crowdedddd but I managed to get a good look at the matte lip creams and chose myself something a little out of my comfort zone...

6 June 2016

Zoella Beauty // Sweet Inspirations


I've always loved Zoella beauty - everything always smells uh-ma-zinggg and the packaging is just so cute and preeetty, so when I heard that Zoe was releasing a new collection I just had to get my mitts on a coupla bits!

31 May 2016

Haywood Forest // A Bluebell Walk


Around this time of year I always dream about going for a walk in the bluebell woods - sounds romantic doesn't it? This year I managed to drag my boyfriend Dan along and we went in search of some bluebells before getting a well earned canal side pub lunch.

24 May 2016

Lancome Lips // Juicy Shaker


Everyone loves a novel beauty launch right? Well when I first saw these  lip products they just seemed like such a cute idea and absolutely perfect for the upcoming summer weather - I mean they are shaped like a mini cocktail shaker after all!

17 May 2016

Comfort Food // Spaghetti Carbonara


Sometimes you just need a bowl of pure comfort food and for me this most definitely has to be Spaghetti Carbonara. I never used to know how to make it from scratch and just had it when I went to restaurants (or in the form of an M&S ready meal) but it's actually not that difficult and just tastes sooo much better when it's home made!

11 May 2016

Limited Edition // Liz Earle Cleanse + Polish


I've tried quite a few different cleansers out over the years but I've never really found one that I like to stick to. The Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is one that lots of beauty bloggers recommend and seeing as I've tried the original before and really liked it I though I'd give this limited edition one a go.

6 May 2016

Being Organised // Wardrobe Tips


Incase you haven't noticed before I'm kind've big on organisation. I just find it so relaxing sorting stuff out and nothing makes me happier than a bit of colour co-ordination and a set of matching hangers haha! Now I know that being organised isn't really everyone's cup of tea so here's some tips for ya in an easy 5 step format!

4 May 2016

A Bedside Makeover


You know when you get really bored with an area in your room and it's just screaming out for a little spruce up? To be honest I don't know if everyone gets like this or if it's just me and my organisational ways! Anyway, I decided that my bedside table needed a little makeover and I'm really pleased with how everything turned out :)

3 May 2016

A Little Kiko Haul


Until quite recently I'd never even heard of Kiko, let alone owned anything from the brand. This all changed (obviously hehe) when I saw the shop in Birmingham and the fact that they were doing buy 3 products and get 3 for free - how good?! I decided to try out some of their eyeliner and eyebrow products (I got two of the same eyebrow sculpt pencils hence why only one is pictured) and I have to say I'm really impressed with the quality!

26 April 2016

The Best Bright Spring Blushers // Hourglass, Topshop, Clinique + H&M


When it gets to this time of year I always find myself reaching for the bright blushers: gone are the mauve and berry tones and out come the peaches and pinks - cliche eh? These are some of my absolute favourites - I tried to pick out a couple of more affordable purchases and a few cheeky high end ones - all just as fabulous as each other may I add!

24 April 2016

Nail Care Essentials // Sally Hansen + Burts Bees


As much as I try to keep my hands and nails in good condition at all times and always have a pretty varnish painted on, sometimes I find myself getting a little bit slack - I mean nobody can be bothered all the time surely? When I'm in a rush I find myself reverting back to basics and these products can be used to finish off a nail look or just be used for maintenance to make it that little bit easier next time I reach for some wacky, out-there nail colour!

19 April 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Kissing Lipstick // Coachella Coral


Can you believe this is my first ever Charlotte Tilbury purchase? I own kind've a lot of lipsticks so I refrained from getting any more, well... until I spotted this beauty! I went for the shade Coachella Coral as it's not like any other shade I own and just seems like such a summery colour. With Coachella in full swing at the moment I though this was the perfect time to upload this review - mann I wish I was there!

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