2 February 2016

An Easy Risotto Recipe // Lemon & Herb With Chicken, Bacon + Mushroom


I thought I'd do something a little different to the content I usually post on my blog today. I know I usually always post about beauty items but I really want to try and branch out into writing about other things I love too. I'm not usually the best at cooking but I'm really trying to improve and make more of an effort and I thought I'd share a dish that's pretty easy to cook and is really darn tasty!

To make this Lemon & Herb Risotto with Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom you will need:

1 litre of stock (I just used an oxo cube ha!)
2 tsp olive oil
2 cloves of chopped garlic
400g of risotto rice
a splash of white wine
sea salt
black pepper
mixed herbs (fresh or otherwise - it's up to you really!)
4 chopped chicken breasts
3 chopped rashers of bacon
250g sliced mushrooms (whichever variety takes your fancy)
cream cheese (I use a quarter of a boursin)
lemon & rosemary to garnish

Lets get going:

Firstly I fried the rice in the olive oil for around a minute before adding a little of the stock. The risotto rice needs to cook for around 20 minutes so just keep it simmering on a low heat and add the stock every time it boils off. Meanwhile you can add the chopped chicken and bacon to a separate pan with a little olive oil and fry until it's browned and cooked through. At this stage I added the garlic, herbs, seasoning and mushrooms - garlic can burn pretty easily so just make sure you keep a good eye on it!

Hopefully whilst you've been cooking the chicken mix you haven't neglected your risotto and it's now cooked through with all of the stock used. Simply add your chicken, bacon and mushroom mix to the risotto  and give it a good stir through. All you need now is some wine (make sure you pour it into the risotto - you can treat yourself to a glass once it's ready though!) and the cream cheese. Simply stir in and simmer for another minute or two and your ready to serve.

I added some lemon and rosemary as a garnish but you could also add a little parmesan on the top if you fancy - I'm usually a bit of a cheese monster but I couldn't find any today (insert grumpy face). You can also squeeze lemon juice into the risotto at the cooking stage although I find that a little too strong. So there you have it - nothing too challenging - If I can do it anyone can!
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