14 February 2016

Lush Valentines Day


Happy valentines day! I've been at work all day but my boyfriend and I are planning on having a movie night and a cheeky curry - now that's what you call romance... Before all this fun can occur I need to relax with a good bath, and obviously this involves Lush products.

I always love the goodies Lush comes out with for valentines day and this year is definitely no exception.  Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar is one that I know Lush have been bringing out for quite a few years but I'd never actually tried it before. It was quite hard to get hold of earlier in the month (ingredient sourcing issues apparently), but boy was it worth the wait! It looks absolutely beautiful with swirls of blue, pink and yellow all glittering as it crumbles into the bath. It smells of lavender so is perfect for helping you relax and get ready for a good nights sleep.

The Kiss Lip Scrub is one of my personal favourites this year - it comes in the prettiest pink packaging and has little miniature edible hearts mixed in with the bubblegum pink scrub. It's very sweet and contains mandarin and almond oil as well as cocoa butter to make your lips oh-so-soft.

Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb is an old favourite of mine although it has been re-made with a special edition twist if your lucky enough to get your hands on it! The heart shape already makes it perfect for valentines day and as it bubbles little rose-buds float into your bath... I love the fresh scent of this one - it's rose but with a lemon & jasmine twist - yum!

Lovers Lamp Bath Bomb is new this year and smells gorg. It contains two of my favourite scents - vanilla and orange oil (just think of a chocolate orange scent and your there) and when you drop it in your bath little confetti hearts burst out - cute eh?

Last but not least is the classic Rose Jam Bubbleroon; not strictly just for valentines day but what the heck, it's pink and glittery and I bloody love it. It makes your bath super bubbly and leaves my skin so so soft. I hope you have an amazing valentines night whatever your plans may be!
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