1 February 2016

The Best Waterproof Eyeliners // Chanel Erable, Celadon + Bleu Exquis


I never used to be into kohl eyeliner at all - the pencil never stayed sharp, it made my eyes look small (I'd just put it on my waterline, eughh) and I just thought it was far too messy to be bothered with. Looking back - how wrong was I? Nowadays I use it all the time and it's become a staple part of my make-up routine. These three are my holy grail eyeliners - I actually don't think I own many others and I really don't need to!

I'm not too much of a fan of black eyeliner, in general I prefer something a little more subtle and with a little bit of shimmer to it, which is definitely what you get with these three Chanel numbers. Erable is a gorgeous browny-bronze shimmer shade which I love to really smoke out under my eyes using a fluffy brush. This is probably the one I use the most as it just goes with almost every eye look and it matches my brown liquid eyeliner. The other two I have are Celadon - a dark golden green shade which goes really well with blue eyes, especially when I use a green eyeshadow; and Bleu Exquis a dark navy blue shade with a gorgeous sheen running through it.

All three are extremely wearable shades and the quality is really good - they're easy to apply and have a lovely creamy consistency so you don't have to worry about them drawing when you try to apply them. This consistency also makes them really blendable yet they do stay put - there'll be no creasing or fading from these! The one thing I really love is that these are in wind up packaging so no sharpening is really needed. If you did want to create a really precise point they actually come with a built in mini sharpener on the end, although I never usually find it necessary. The one thing I will say you need when using these is a good make-up remover; because they're waterproof they can require a bit more effort with the removal (unless the panda look is what you were going for) but this is definitely a price I'm more than willing to pay!
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