9 February 2016

The Pancake Post...


Happy Pancake Day!! For me this is the day it finally feels like spring is about to start and you forget about how depressing it is that you have to wait frickin ages until Christmas rolls around again, and start thinking about all the exciting days coming up instead (valentines, my birthday, easter etc.). I was actually born on pancake day - as my mom always likes to remind me whilst were eating...

I personally prefer thin crepe style pancakes over the thicker American ones (although lets be honest I wouldn't be turning them down in a hurry!) and these are what my family and I got together to make today. My two favourite toppings are the classic lemon and sugar combo or the equally amazing nutella and strawberries medley. If you fancy going all out though you could use cream, ice-cream, exotic fruits, honey, maple syrup or even do a savoury pancake.

For the pancake mix you will need:

2 large eggs
100g plain flour
250ml semi-skimmed milk
a pinch of salt
sunflower oil/ butter for frying

Combine the flour and salt in a large mixing bowl before cracking in the two eggs. Then pour in about a quarter of the milk and start whisking the mixture before pouring in the remainder of the milk; continuing to whisk it as you do so. Put a frying pan on to a medium heat with a little oil or butter before using a ladle to spoon in some of the mixture. Leave it for a minute or so (you can check the bottom is browning and get ready to flip it with a spatula) then flip it over and cook until both sides are a golden brown. Then simply get creative with your toppings and chow down - yum! What toppings did you go for this pancake day?
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