22 March 2016

23 Things You Wont Know About Me


I thought that in honour of me turning twenty-three last month (why do I feel so old??) I would share twenty-three fun and completely random (some may say pointless) facts about me, so here goes...

1. I prefer cats to dogs.

2. My favourite food to cook for myself is a garlic chicken kiev, cheesy mash with a mozzarella & sundried tomato       salad, mmm-mmm!

3. I love the smell of bonfires and rain.

4. I'm a major wimp when it comes to theme parks and I absolutely hate ice-skating.

5. If I had to choose a favourite high-end make-up brand it would be Chanel.

6. I only like egg yolks not the white.

7. I'm left-handed.

8. My favourite subject at school was art.

9. I have blue eyes.

10. The five artists I would love to see in concert are: Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Adele & Beyonce.

11. I hate anything strawberry flavoured except for strawberries themselves.

12. My star sign is Pisces.

13. I failed my first driving test before I'd even driven out of the test centre car park.

14. I'm pretty good (not to mention competitive) at monopoly.

15. I don't think I have a favourite colour - it changes all the time.

16. My middle name is Elizabeth, which is also my moms middle name.

17. I can hula-hoop for a really long time (until I get bored).

18. I love watching detective series and dramas - Broadchurch, Luther, Sherlock, Silent Witness, Happy Valley,             Breaking Bad... The list goes on.

19. I don't eat a lot of Chocolate - one square and I've had enough.

20. Crisps on the other hand are my big weakness.

21. I'm probably a bit too laid back. Yup, I'm that person that thinks everything will be fine and leaves everything til       the last minute... To be fair though most of the time everything does turn out fine so what's the point in                     stressing eh?

22. I love organising and tidying - it's so therapeutic ha!

23. My lucky number is 7 but I couldn't tell you the reasoning behind it.
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