2 March 2016

A Few Home Touches...


I love finding new little bits and pieces to add something extra to my room, so I thought I'd share a few of the things I've bought or been given recently, with both affordable and luxe thrown into the mix!

First up is the lovely, and very luxurious Diptyque Rosaviola Candle, which I was kindly given by my lovely boyfriend for valentines day (it's sort've becoming a tradition now - yay!). All diptyque candles are lovely, they may be expensive, but they more than make up for that with their long lasting burn time and ridiculously strong scent. To me, Rosaviola smells like parma violets mixed in with roses, it's very sweet but still fresh - mmmm! Some of my other diptyque favourite are Baies - a blackcurrant scented one, and Figuier - a fresh fig smell.

I've been really loving marble and copper recently, and I fell in love with this cute H&M Marble Tray, which is perfect for storing little trinkets, jewellery or perfume on. You can also find similar ones here and here. On the copper front, I found these super affordable Copper Hangers in Primark, which look soo good lined up in my colour co-ordinated wardrobe (yes I'm a neat freak and proud - ha!), plus this little Tiger Copper Basket for storing the smaller things like tights, socks etc. H&M also do some amazing wire baskets so I'd definitely reccomend checking there too!

Lastly, I had to mention this Marble Laptop Skin by the brand Wanderer Wanderer. I'd been seeing these pop up all over instagram and was desperate to get my hands on one, and I honestly can't believe how quick and easy it was to apply! I got the one for both the top and bottom of my Macbook, but it's a little bit cheaper if you just want one for the top. It looks so effective and is good for covering up any little knocks or scratches your laptop might've got over the years, as well as protecting it for the future! What are your favourite things to buy when you want to spruce up your home?
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