17 March 2016

A Mini Lush Haul // Mothers Day + Easter


So I've been trying to be good and use up some of the Lush bits that I already own before buying anything else, after getting a sizeable amount of goodies for Christmas & my birthday. This resolve may have wavered slightly in the name of limited edition Mother Day & Easter treats (sorry not sorry), so without further ado - here are the products I picked up!

First up I got two very floral things from the Mother Day collection, a flowering tea reusable bath dunk in the shape of a tea bag (how cute!) and a rose bombshell bath bomb, which smells exactly like rose jam. These both have flowers inside which spill out into the bath making it look so so pretty! I love that you can re-use flowering tea as it makes it better value for money and you get to enjoy more than one bath with all those blue petal floating around.

I also couldn't resist looking at all the Easter products and ended up getting a fluffy egg bath bomb and a golden egg bath bomb melt. Golden egg is one of my old favourites and this year it seems to be glitzier than ever! It's such a gorgeous idea, it slowly melts away in the bath before revealing a mini bath bomb at the heart of the egg. The smell is incredible, just think honey I washed the kids turned up a notch, plus it makes your bath super sparkly!

Fluffy egg is for all you snow fairy fans out there, it's pink, it's sweet and it's seriously cute - what's not to love!  This is definitely the one I'm going to be cracking out come Easter day (after eating copious amounts of chocolate of course). Have you got anything from the Lush Easter or Mothers Day collections?

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