6 March 2016

A Spring Walk // Earlswood Lakes


The weather may have gone ridiculously cold again but a couple of weeks ago it actually felt like spring and the sun was shining! Dan & I took this as an opportunity to go out & about to Earlswood Lakes in Warwickshire, aaand to the bakery on the way obvs....

We stopped off at Wedges Bakery, which has a little cafe and farm shop attached - so cute! Rather than eat in we decided to order and then eat once we were at the lakes, sort've like a walking picnic. I went all out and got a sausage & bacon sandwich and a lemon drizzle muffin, both of which tasted delish! My sandwich was absolutely massive so I decided to be good and saved my cake for later - Dan didn't do the same fyi!

The lakes are really lovely at this time of year - even though the weather was so much colder when we were there than it appears in the photographs! There are two lakes with a road running down the middle, so you can walk in a figure of eight and go around both or just go around the one. I think it's pretty cool I have places like this to go to right on my doorstep!

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