8 March 2016

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre // Eau De Toilette + Body Lotion


Chanel Chance Eau Tendre has been one of my absolute favourite perfumes ever since it was first released, it's just such an easy to wear classic in my book! I actually got given the moisture mist as a Christmas present and they go so well together when you want to feel extra pampered and smelling amazing.

The perfume has a really gorgeous fresh scent and really reminds me of spring time. It comes in the prettiest round glass bottle with the signature Chanel logo embossed on the lid, and the fragrance itself is a light pink colour. It has a fruity, floral scent and contains grapefruit, jasmine & white musk - mmm-mmm!

I really like to layer the perfume with the sheer moisture mist (it's basically a thin body lotion - ha!) as I find it builds up the scent and improves on the lasting power. This is a great body lotion for when your in a rush and want a quick moisture boost for your skin as you simply spritz it on and it rubs in almost instantly. It's definitely not one of those ultra thick body lotions you really have to work into the skin. It feels perfect for Summer time and this is one I'd definitely take on holiday with me to use before going to dinner - ughhhh now I'm thinking about summer holidays and it's depressingly cold right now! Do you have a favourite Chanel fragrance?
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