4 March 2016

Colab Dry Shampoo // Tokyo + New York


I'm not usually much of a fan of dry shampoo as I find they make my hair feel really dry and brittle, plus most leave a white tinge to my hair, but I just had to write a post on these two Colab ones as they've totally converted me!

I decided to get two of the travel sized sprays before going for the bigger ones, just in case I didn't like them, but I'll definitely be popping back to my local Superdrug soon to get the bigger versions!

I went for one from the original sheer invisible range - Tokyo, and one from the newer extreme volume range - New York. Tokyo comes in a really cute pink & silver can and has a lovely fresh scent with orchid and mandarin forming the base. I love that it does what it claims to do in that there is no residue and no horrible powdery, dusty finish - it pretty much is invisible! It's great for those days where you just don't have time to wash your hair in the morning, or just want a quick freshen up.

I use New York for slightly different purposes to Tokyo, simply because it gives more texture and volume to the hair. I like to use this when I'm styling my hair, or want to create more oomph at my roots. It's also great to give you a bit of hold when doing more intricate styles like braids or buns. This one has a much more fruity, sweet smell and I love the bright, summery orange packaging! This one does feel more like you have product on your hair than Tokyo, but it just depends on what I'm trying to do with my hair as to which one I reach for. Have you tried any Colab products?
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