26 March 2016

Easter Treats // Chocolate Rice Krispie Nests


With Easter just around the corner I though that now would be the perfect time to make these super quick (not to mention super cute) chocolate rice krispie nests - they literally take less than ten minutes from start to finish and are perfect for eating after your Sunday roast!

You will need:

400g of milk chocolate
a box of rice krispies
mini eggs
colourful cake cases & chicks

It's ridiculously simple really, just break the chocolate bars (I used four bars of Tesco value but you can upgrade to dairy milk or galaxy if you prefer!) into a microwaveable bowl before melting in the microwave for around a minute and a half. Give it a mix to make sure all of the chocolate is melted and then pour in the rice krispies. You won't need the whole box but it's up to you how many you put in - it just depends how choclatey you want your nests to be! Give the mixture a good old stir before spooning it into the cake cases. Then simply add your eggs and chicks and voila, your Easter nests are good to go and looking cute! You can also swap the rice krispies for cornflakes or shredded wheat if you prefer - or go for all three!
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