13 March 2016

Hair Accessories // The Basics


I've always loved trying out different hairstyles so I thought I'd put together a little edit of my favourite basic accessories to help you easily complete any look!

The start to any up-do has to be the humble hair bobble and my ones of choice are (and have been for a long while) the classic Boots thin blonde pony-bands. These are nice and cheap and match my hair colour really well - I'm definitely not about the fancy coloured ones! They also do ones for brown and black hair, so there's something for everyone, aaaaand they don't have that annoying metal bit on them which I find catches on my hair and is just super annoying.

I also get hair grips that match my hair colour from Boots, I shove them in anywhere and everywhere as my hair tends to flyaway and look messy almost straight away! These are great for holding more intricate hair styles in place without being overly noticeable and they're a really nice size for my little head - ha!

Another essential for me are the clear mini bands, I like to use them to secure plaits or smaller pieces of my hair, as they're really un-noticable. I got these ones from Primark and they came in the most  massive bag so I definitely won't be running out anytime soon! I also like to use the Invisibobble (the thing that looks a bit like a telephone cord); this is really useful for when you're hair has been styled and your wearing it down, but then decide you want to wear it in a ponytail for a while (usually when I'm on a night out and get far too hot after being on the dance floor!). When you take it back out the ponytail it won't have that horrible annoying kink you get when you use a regular hair tie, it'll just look the same as before - magic eh?

Now I know this all may seem a bit basic but believe me I like a bit of sparkle in my hair just as much as the next person every once in a while! Most of my more exciting pieces are from Accessorize, they do a really great selection and are pretty reasonable priced too. What are your go to hair accessory staples?

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