29 March 2016

My Three Favourite Foundations For Dry Skin // Nars, Armani + Chanel


I have quite dry skin so finding a good foundation that doesn't dry it out further or enhance the appearance of any parched patches is something of a must. These three are all perfect foundations for me and are ones that I love to mix and match with, all depending on the shade and finish that I'm after.

Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
This is a lovely light-weight foundation with a silky texture (as the name suggests). It's quite similar to Nars Sheer glow in that they both have great coverage without you having to apply loads of product - it's like a second skin! I got matched to shade number 2, which is pretty pale, but hey you can aways add bronzer if you want to warm things up a bit! This has great lasting power on me - I always use a primer but I feel like it looks lovely and natural and doesn't sink in to any of my lines, or go patchy. Another thing I like is that it contains no SPF, so it's great for days when you know photo's will be taken or for a night out.

This one is an old favourite of mine and was probably the first high-end foundation I ever purchased. I love how small and travel friendly the packaging is - although glass bottles may look pretty this one is definitely more travel friendly! I use number 10 - beige - which is a perfect match to my natural skin tone, however it doesn't give as full a coverage when compared with the other two, so I like to use this one when I'm having a particularly good skin day - It does give a gorgeeouuus glow though!

I love using this foundation in the summer when my complexion starts to warm up a little. I got matched to the shade Medium 2 - Sante Fe, which I actually feel is a little too dark for me most of the time, although I just remedy it by mixing with lighter foundation/ primer if I need to! If your looking for something with great coverage that will still leave your skin looking fresh and dewy without any caking this is most definitely it. You only need the smallest amount so the bottle should last you ageees and there are no dry patches in sight! What are your favourite foundations for your skin type?
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