26 April 2016

The Best Bright Spring Blushers // Hourglass, Topshop, Clinique + H&M


When it gets to this time of year I always find myself reaching for the bright blushers: gone are the mauve and berry tones and out come the peaches and pinks - cliche eh? These are some of my absolute favourites - I tried to pick out a couple of more affordable purchases and a few cheeky high end ones - all just as fabulous as each other may I add!

24 April 2016

Nail Care Essentials // Sally Hansen + Burts Bees


As much as I try to keep my hands and nails in good condition at all times and always have a pretty varnish painted on, sometimes I find myself getting a little bit slack - I mean nobody can be bothered all the time surely? When I'm in a rush I find myself reverting back to basics and these products can be used to finish off a nail look or just be used for maintenance to make it that little bit easier next time I reach for some wacky, out-there nail colour!

19 April 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Kissing Lipstick // Coachella Coral


Can you believe this is my first ever Charlotte Tilbury purchase? I own kind've a lot of lipsticks so I refrained from getting any more, well... until I spotted this beauty! I went for the shade Coachella Coral as it's not like any other shade I own and just seems like such a summery colour. With Coachella in full swing at the moment I though this was the perfect time to upload this review - mann I wish I was there!

17 April 2016

Chanel Le Blanc Sheer Illuminating Base


I've been meaning to write a review on this for absolutely ages as it's actually a product that I get a fair bit of use out of. I sort've have a love-hate relationship with this Chanel primer/ base  - let's put it this way - it definitely has it's pro's and con's!

16 April 2016

The Relaxation Post


Sometimes it's easy to get a bit bogged down by everything and I feel like I need to take some time out to relaxxxx. I'm not usually a particularly stressed out person but sometimes I let things build up and before you know you're feeling super stressed. These are some of my tips for feeling more relaxed and de-stressed, but feel free to share some of your own too!

10 April 2016

It's All About The Facial Oils // Aesop


Recently I've been really enjoying incorporating oils into my skincare routine. It's a common myth that oils make your skin greasy and give you spots but this absolutely isn't the case and oils can work just as well for people with oily skin as it can for those with dry skin (me for example!). I love Aesop products in general and these two in particular are great way to incorporate essential oils into your skin-care routine and have become staples for me.

5 April 2016

Cheese Scones // Bacon + Brie


Oh I do love a good cheesy scone, and they're even better when you make them yourself and eat them hot out the oven. My latest attempt went quite well (unlike some of my other culinary disasters that I avert from mentioning here on the blog!) so I thought I'd share the recipe I used and what I like to put inside - it's sort of like a sandwich but better...

4 April 2016

Soap & Glory // My Picks


I've been a fan of Soap & Glory products for what feels like forever - I mean what girl hasn't? They're super affordable, smell amazing and just look at how cute the packaging is! I've tried and tested a lot of bits and pieces over the years so I though I'd do a little round up of some of the classics that I always end up going back to.

1 April 2016

Finding New Music On Spotify


My music taste is a little bit all over the shop to be honest with you - it can range from Dolly Parton to Nirvana and almost everything in between; I'm most definitely not one of those people who only listens to one genre... I love discovering new music and artists that I've never heard of before so I thought I'd share some of the music I've been loving on Spotify recently with you!

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