24 April 2016

Nail Care Essentials // Sally Hansen + Burts Bees


As much as I try to keep my hands and nails in good condition at all times and always have a pretty varnish painted on, sometimes I find myself getting a little bit slack - I mean nobody can be bothered all the time surely? When I'm in a rush I find myself reverting back to basics and these products can be used to finish off a nail look or just be used for maintenance to make it that little bit easier next time I reach for some wacky, out-there nail colour!

Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat
This is a really affordable brand and this base/ top coat definitely does what it claims to do, you can use it alone or as a base coat to strengthen your nails and you can also use it as a protective top coat to help stop your varnish from chipping. I like to use it more as a top coat and it definitely makes my polish last at least a day longer without chipping as well as giving it a glossier finish.

My nails always get wrecked at work but popping a quick coat of this on is a lifesaver (seriously I'd have the shortest nails ever if I didn't use this!). It helps harden and strengthen your nails over time and is ridiculously fast drying - you can literally put this on a minute before leaving the house and you nails will still be dry.

This is definitely what you'd call an industrial strength hand cream. I use this when I'm in need of some serious moisturisation and it definitely doesn't fail to deliver. It has a very thick, balm-like formula with a slightly herbal scent, which I personally really like. I slather this on like there's no tomorrow before I get into bed and in the morning my hands are lovely and soft - it is a bit thick to use in the day though!

The smell of this stuff is just the best, it's so refreshing and zesty - mmm-mmm! I like to use it after I've given myself a manicure (when my nails are dry though obvs) and really massage it in to my cuticles to avoid any dryness. You can also use it when you aren't wearing any polish and massage it onto the nails themselves. It helps that it comes in a ridiculously cute tin too!
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