16 April 2016

The Relaxation Post


Sometimes it's easy to get a bit bogged down by everything and I feel like I need to take some time out to relaxxxx. I'm not usually a particularly stressed out person but sometimes I let things build up and before you know you're feeling super stressed. These are some of my tips for feeling more relaxed and de-stressed, but feel free to share some of your own too!

The first thing I do when I'm feeling stressed is have a good sort out and tidy up of my room. This means picking up the mountain of dirty washing, putting all my make-up away and having a general clean around. Trust me, It's all worth it when you stand back and admire your tidy room!

Make Lists
If you feel like you have a ridiculous amount to get done the best thing to do is write a good old faskioned tick list. This way you can prioritise what you need to do aaand you get the satisfaction of ticking off your list (is this really sad?).

Have A Pamper
There's nothing better than a good pamper night when your feeling stressed. I like to have a Lush bath, do a face mask, actually remember to use a body cream and paint my nails - pretty much my idea of a perfect night!

Watch A Feel Good Flick
For me this involves any of the Harry Potter films, a cheeky disney film or two, or a good old rom com (Love Actually/ Bridget Jones I'm looking at you!). Even better if you get to watch it whilst lying in bed eating a Dominos...
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