31 May 2016

Haywood Forest // A Bluebell Walk


Around this time of year I always dream about going for a walk in the bluebell woods - sounds romantic doesn't it? This year I managed to drag my boyfriend Dan along and we went in search of some bluebells before getting a well earned canal side pub lunch.

24 May 2016

Lancome Lips // Juicy Shaker


Everyone loves a novel beauty launch right? Well when I first saw these  lip products they just seemed like such a cute idea and absolutely perfect for the upcoming summer weather - I mean they are shaped like a mini cocktail shaker after all!

17 May 2016

Comfort Food // Spaghetti Carbonara


Sometimes you just need a bowl of pure comfort food and for me this most definitely has to be Spaghetti Carbonara. I never used to know how to make it from scratch and just had it when I went to restaurants (or in the form of an M&S ready meal) but it's actually not that difficult and just tastes sooo much better when it's home made!

11 May 2016

Limited Edition // Liz Earle Cleanse + Polish


I've tried quite a few different cleansers out over the years but I've never really found one that I like to stick to. The Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is one that lots of beauty bloggers recommend and seeing as I've tried the original before and really liked it I though I'd give this limited edition one a go.

6 May 2016

Being Organised // Wardrobe Tips


Incase you haven't noticed before I'm kind've big on organisation. I just find it so relaxing sorting stuff out and nothing makes me happier than a bit of colour co-ordination and a set of matching hangers haha! Now I know that being organised isn't really everyone's cup of tea so here's some tips for ya in an easy 5 step format!

4 May 2016

A Bedside Makeover


You know when you get really bored with an area in your room and it's just screaming out for a little spruce up? To be honest I don't know if everyone gets like this or if it's just me and my organisational ways! Anyway, I decided that my bedside table needed a little makeover and I'm really pleased with how everything turned out :)

3 May 2016

A Little Kiko Haul


Until quite recently I'd never even heard of Kiko, let alone owned anything from the brand. This all changed (obviously hehe) when I saw the shop in Birmingham and the fact that they were doing buy 3 products and get 3 for free - how good?! I decided to try out some of their eyeliner and eyebrow products (I got two of the same eyebrow sculpt pencils hence why only one is pictured) and I have to say I'm really impressed with the quality!

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