6 May 2016

Being Organised // Wardrobe Tips


Incase you haven't noticed before I'm kind've big on organisation. I just find it so relaxing sorting stuff out and nothing makes me happier than a bit of colour co-ordination and a set of matching hangers haha! Now I know that being organised isn't really everyone's cup of tea so here's some tips for ya in an easy 5 step format!

Take Everything Out
This may seem to make matters worse when you feel as if your wardrobe isn't organised but trust me, you've got to just bite the bullet and get it all out before you can really know what your working with. Make sure you've got a good portion of floor space to work with though otherwise things can begin to get a bit messy.

Have A Good Clean
Whilst your wardrobe is completely empty it's best to give it a good clean and general freshen up. It's amazing just how much dust actually collects on shelves and it just gives you a blank canvas to work with when you pop things back in.

Sort Everything Into Groups
I like to split everything into categories (some tough decisions have to be made!) such as clothes to go to Charity, clothes you definitely want to keep, a washing pile and those awkward ones that you don't know if you want to keep or not. If I haven't worn it for over a year I try not to hold onto it as it just clutters everything up (although lets be honest I definitely have too many clothes!).

Have A Spruce Up
You may want to decide on this part in advance by the way! Have a shop around for new storage ideas, matching hangers, hooks or shelving to really make it a joy to look in your wardrobe and pick something out rather than looking at it with despair. H&M home do some really cute and affordable storage and I got my copper hangers from Primark so there's really no need to go crazy with the budget. I also spotted some really cute mint green hangers in Tiger the other day which were very tempting. My wardrobe is a built in one so I painted the whole of the inside white, along with the wooden shelving at the top which I use to store handbags. I also fitted a chest of drawers from Ikea in  at the bottom to store shoes, pyjamas, trousers and gym wear - basically anything I don't hang.

Time To Put Everything Back!
This is definitely the most fun part where all your hard work comes together! I've organised my clothes by colour but you can also just go by type - it's all down to personal preference. I've also made use of the doors by putting little hooks up on the inside to store some of my jewellery and smaller bags which I think looks really cute.

So, there you are - now if only my wardrobe always stayed this tidy!

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