24 May 2016

Lancome Lips // Juicy Shaker


Everyone loves a novel beauty launch right? Well when I first saw these  lip products they just seemed like such a cute idea and absolutely perfect for the upcoming summer weather - I mean they are shaped like a mini cocktail shaker after all!

I chose the shade Lemon Explosion which isn't really very lemony at all in colour, smell or taste - huh?! Random names aside I really love the whole concept of these - you have to shake it (quite a lot) to mix up the colour and get it on to the sponge applicator before unscrewing the lid and dabbing it on to your lips. It literally feels like your mixing a little mini (and extremely glittery) cocktail for your lips!

It's an oil based formula which reminds me of the YSL volupte tint in oils. Lip oils have been having a bit of a moment lately and personally I really like them. They're a great alternative to the sticky lip glosses of old and they give a gorgeous high shine finish which still feels really moisturising.  Lemon explosion is a beautiful peachy colour with a subtle shimmer to it. I chose this shade as it feels perfect for the upcoming (hopefully!) summer weather and would be great to take on holiday as you can just slick it on with minimal effort required - plus it would look great with a tan. The colour payoff isn't amazing on its own but I love the high-shine finish and you can easily pair it with a brighter lipstick to get that extra pop of colour!
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