20 June 2016

Lush Life // New Bits & Bobs


When I went to Bath recently I had a little splurge in the Lush store whilst we were waiting for our spa treatments. I got a real mix of products - some old favourites and a coupla new bits that I've never tried before!

I can't believe I had never tried this before when it's one of my favourite Lush scents - Rose Jam! A body conditioner is something of a new concept for me but I have to say it's well worth using. You simply rub it on wet skin either when you're in the shower or bath and then wash it off for super soft sweet smelling skin and then there's no need to faff around with a moisturiser once you get out.

I'm on my feet all day at work and sometimes it takes its toll on my feet leaving them feeling achy and in need of some serious TLC. This mask may not be the nicest in terms of smell (it's a bit too herbal for my liking!) but it definitely works. You just smother a layer on and cover your feet over with cling film (sounds weird I know), leave the mask on your feet for around ten minutes and then rinse off using the mask as a scrub whilst you're washing. Afterwards my feet felt so smooth and refreshed - definitely more summer sandal ready than before!

I had a sample pot of this and loved it so much I just had to re-purchase. It smells lovely - vanilla and cocoa and is packed full of moisturising ingredients including shea butter, olive oil, cocoa butter, mooring oil and rosewood oil. I love that 100% of the proceeds (minus VAT) go to charity - it makes you feel great for giving to charity and you get a lovely product in return - it would make a great gift too!

This one was a Lush Oxford Street exclusive but it's been brought into all Lush stores as part of their Father's day collection. I'm so in love with the scent of this one - it's super orangey and so it should be seeing as it contains Sicilian mandarin, tangerine aaand orange flower. It has blobs or purple olive oil which melt in the bath and make it feel like you're bathing in a giant lava lamp whilst softening your skin in the process.

This is a gorgeous summery citrus scented shampoo which left my hair soft and shiny - perfect for the upcoming summer months for a little tropical kick!

This one is a long time favourite of mine, especially at this time of year - it just feels so summery. It turns your bath a beautiful blue colour with seaweed fronds floating around and sea salt to soften your skin - recreating the sea in your tub. I would say though if you don't like bits floating in your tub this one is not for you!
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