29 July 2016

Hair DIY // Bleach London


I'm really trying to save money at the moment and one of the most ridiculously expensive things is getting your hair cut and coloured. I've tried home dye jobs before now but nothing's really worked that well for me - up until now that is!

I'd heard quite a few good things about the brand Bleach London and thought what the heck, I'll give it a go. I'd already given my hair a bit of a trim a few days prior (I know - it was scary but it actually turned out pretty good!) and I thought I'd try and lighten up the colour a tad.

The Bleach Balayage Hair Kit is supposed to be used for lightening the ends of long hair but I decided to use it more for highlighting most of my hair as it's only shoulder length any way. Inside the box you get some plastic gloves, a mixing tub, two sachets of bleaching powder, a bottle of developing lotion, a balayage board, a tint brush and a conditioning repair mask. It does say on the instructions to use everything in one go, but in hindsight on my shorter hair I could've just used one sachet and half the bottle of developing lotion as I ended up wasting quite a bit. I didn't find the balayage board that helpful and prefered just using the tint brush to get the product spread evenly. I left it on for around 20 minutes before washing thoroughly using the Bleach Silver Shampoo and the repair mask as a conditioner.

The colour turned out really great - no yellow in sight, just a lighter sun kissed blonde  - yaay! I was slightly worried the bleach was going to damage my hair but the mask took care of that and my hair felt super soft and silky - plus there's enough mask left for a fair few more uses. I'd fully recommend using this if you want your blonde to look lighter without the dreaded yellow - this kit was really easy to use and is so much cheaper than a trip to the hairdressers! Would you try colouring or cutting your own hair?
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