12 July 2016

Summer Nails // The Best Holiday Shades


Now I know that when it comes to summer shades most people are all about the red's and oranges, but to me they feel like more of an Autumn thing, so I'm digging all the bronze-golds and turquoise shades instead. I've acquired quite a few lovely shades that I keep reaching for at the moment so here's my round up for ya!

Chanel // Peridot
This was my first ever Chanel nail varnish waay back when I first started uni, and I love it just as much now as I did back then. At the time it was a completely unique shade that I'd never seen anything like before and I just had to treat myself to it. On the nails it's a bright gold  that also flashes a gorgeous green depending on how you look at it. I'm not sure if you can still get this shade at Chanel counters but so many other brands now do this shade, with Topshop's Aurora and Barry M's Arabian being pretty much dead ringers for the original!

I love the gorgeous bronze shimmer of this shade and how super quick it is to apply. The drying time is next to none making it really good for nights out or when your in a rush to go down to dinner on holiday!

This one is a really bright turquoise-green cream shade which looks great with a tan and lasts really well. I love Topshop polishes for their longevity and their beautiful colours - plus this one has copper packaging - swoon.

This is just the prettiest glitter topcoat full of gold and rose-gold shimmer. It looks amazing over metallic shades and turquoises or you could wear it on it's own for a more subtle look - plus it's a bargain too!

I know, I know, a shade named Winter Mint doesn't exactly scream summer but trust me you'll feel a little bit like a mermaid when you put this polish on! It's the prettiest light turquoise shade with flecks of blue shimmer running through it. It's a perfect dupe for the cult classic Deborah Lippmann polish in the shade Mermaid's Dream - plus it smells of mint - bit weird but kind've nice ha!

Chanel // Island
The colour of this always reminds me of a shell - it's a golden beige shade with a hint of pink iridescent shimmer. It does leave brush strokes but to be fair what pearlescent shade doesn't? This is another shade that looks great when you have a tan - I like to use it on my toes as it's a bit more natural looking.

What shades do you find yourself reaching for at this time of year? I'd love to hear some of your recommendations to add to my collection!
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