31 August 2016

The Earring Edit // Mix + Match


I've been really loving simple but standout earrings, and there's just so many good high street shops selling amazing pieces at the moment! I wanted to share a few of the places I love to look for some unique and interesting finds, that won't break the bank.

Accessorize //
This is one of my absolute favourite places to get jewellery and I especially love the Zara Simon range which is all gold/rose gold/ silver plated. The quality is great for the price and the pieces all look so much more expensive than they actually are. When accessorize had a sale I was rummaging for agees and found so many great buys - I'd also totally recommend looking in the damaged section (they always put everything in little plastic baggies and it's not always in the most obvious place in the shop) I found some necklaces that were reduced to 10p each because they had broken chains, so I just kept the pendants and attached them onto other chains I had - bargain! I wanna treat myself to these hoop earrings soon and some of the stud earrings are really beautiful - definitely something to check out!

Etsy //
Etsy has so many unique finds and I love that it's all handmade! There's such a massive range of earrings to choose from although it can be a bit time consuming looking through it all to decide on what you want. Just make sure you're on the UK page otherwise shipping charges and times may be a little ridiculous.

H&M //
I never thought to look in here for ageees - I was convinced it was all big chunky statement pieces which are so not my cup of tea, but actually if you have a good look there are a few bits that I really love. These pearl earrings are super pretty and this set of tiny studs is such a bargain for how many you get!

Where do you shop for jewellery that won't break the bank? I'd love to know!
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